Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


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Get Ready to HACK the FARM

Solve FOOD Problems

FarmHack NG Brings together People from all walks of life to solve agricultural problems.

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FarmHack NG 2019 (TBA)

- Bring like minds with different background & experience together in an enabled environment
– Nurture early entrepreneurship and human development
– Use Data to solve complex economic and Agricultural issues
– Apply scholarly approach to agricultural demands

Participants will be expected to hack around this three main topics (but not limited to them):
  • Solving logistics problem in domestic farming and farm sales
  • Internet impact on agriculture in Nigeria
  • Helping farmers (either in farm settlements or private) scale using data and analytics

    We have interesting gifts from our Sponsors and you will be glad you made it.
    Try to check out the FAQ session if something is unclear.
    Tips will also help you to know what to bring.
    Tools session is having all kinds of resources to help you win the hack.

    The following universities will be the location of the event. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology :25th -26th May, 2018 Register HereRegister Here

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    Are YOU FIT & Ready ?

    Critical Thinking

    You will need to think deep to solve important problems.

    Team Work

    You will need to work in a team with people you never met before.

    Pitch Perfect

    You will have to say everything about your solution in 1 minute.

    Stay Healthy

    You will have to eat and stay healthy through out the Hack

    Past Winners: FARMHACK NG17-18

    2017 Winners at UI, Ibadan

    Farmsense ,Diamond & Crop2Cash

    2017 Winners at FUNAAB, Abeokuta


    2018 Winners, Lautech, Ogbomoso

    Gemstcycle ,Pro Farm
    & Food Data

    2019 Winners, TBA

    Workshops & Sessions!

    Your A-game:
    You will be guided to think critically about the best solutions.
    WEB DEV.
    Web Developement101 for Beginners
    Fully Powered by Major League Hacking
    CV Clinic
    Get your CV reviewed
    You will be guided on how to write a job fitting CV.
    Startup 101
    Learn to:
    Pitch Perfect
    Writing a Business plan

    Watchout For Live Streaming !!!

    There is lot of awesome stuff coming your way!

    FarmHack NG Tips + Tools

    What to Expect at FarmHack NG 2018

    1. Team Spirit 2...

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    Q: Who can Attend ? A: Anyone

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    Hackathon 101 for beginners

    This is about having a full understanding of what hackathons are all about..

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    FarmHack Tips

    Working with people from different background and those that you never met before can be hard...

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    Hack NG Guidelines

    Participating in Hacks requires adhering to some terms and conditions....

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